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English 9B - Greek Mythology


Go to this page for help & directions: Greek Mythology Project


Good Reads - Book Reviews 

AP English Tone Project


AP Tone Project - Part One for students (considering tone in paintings and poetry)

AP Tone Prompt - Part Two for students (an impromptu essay formulated like one on the AP Lit & Comp test)

AP English Literature & Composition

Poetry Study


Choose a poem that you like. Articulate what you like about it and the literary devices that stand out to you. How could you analyze your poem?


When you have chosen your poem, email it to me at tlux@clintonia.org or post it on our page for poetry study: Poetry Selections


Literary analysis assignment:


Literary Analysis Paper.docx

     * Needs to be two pages in length and include two secondary sources (plus quotes from the text)

     * Needs a works cited page

     * Get your thesis approved by me before writing

Go to this page for sources about Tess: AP English Tess 



Wow video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_jyXJTlrH0&feature=player_embedded




English Literature

Learning Style


English 9A: TKAM Historical Webquest


Open this document: TKAM_history_Webquest.doc

Visit the links provided for you to gather information.


Here is a sample finished product: TKAM_history_Webquest_Sample.doc

Remember to insert the url of the website where you found the information - this is to avoid PLAGIARISM!

Type your answers carefully. 

English 9B

Shakespeare WebQuest

Visit this page and follow the directions to learn background information about Shakespeare. 

Clinton High School: Language Arts

Teacher Resources: view this page for 09 curriculum materials



Questions? Click here to get help.


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